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Welcome to the Oksana Peters website!


I am a duly registered and sworn translator for Russian, Ukrainian and English, located in Germany.
The main focus of my work is translation from Russian and Ukrainian into German and English
and from German and English into Ukrainian and Russian. I also translate from German to English
and vice versa.


My philosophy echoes one of Goethe’s maxims:

“… the goal of the translation is to achieve perfect identity with the original, so that the one
does not exist instead of the other, but in the other’s place.” (Goethe)

I feel it is important for a translator to act on this principle. A good, error-free translation
that is accurate in content can do much to improve intercultural understanding. This applies
to contracts and instruction manuals alike, or indeed, to any type of text. Being a duly registered
and sworn translator, I am a competent and reliable professional who delivers on schedule.